New LTI Tools to be released February 2, 2018

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of new versions of the Multi-Tool and Upload/Embed Image Tool. These comprise the two LTI tools that are part of Design Tools for Canvas. You can read about the many new features and enhancements to these tools in this overview page found in the Admin Guide. 

On Friday, February 2, 2018 we will turn on the new versions of the tools. You won't have to do anything to your current LTI tools. The existing LTI tools will just be redirected to the new server. 

Please join us for an overview / Q&A webinar to learn more about these new features during the month of January. We are hosting two meetings, one on January 11th and another on January 23rd. Please visit our demo calendar to pick a day to attend. 

We should also mention that the new Multi-Tool and Upload/Embed Image tool are available on the Cidi Labs instance of Canvas ( as Multi-Tool 2 and Upload/Embed Image 2. So if you remember how to access your sandbox account then log in and give them a try. Thanks!

The recording of our overview webinar highlighting the new features found in Multi-Tool and Upload/Embed Image Tool is found below. This webinar was held for our customers on 1/11/2018. 

This is exciting. 

I have a quick question. 

For the Image tool, there is  No default ratio now. Users are able to choose whatever portion they want. 

So, if they choose a ratio other than 10:3, the front page will not look good at all and the style will look off. How to resolve this type of problem? Thanks. 

One thing I would love that if the we update the Module Name, that it will automatically update on the pages we are using the Module Tool from DT.

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