Question: How does implementation and training work? 


At a high level our BASIC implementation and training consists of 4 primary activities: 

1) The Install Call to install Design Tools at the Canvas root account or in a single sub-account (read details about installation here) - 1 hour

2) Admin Training focused on the Primary Customizations Course - 1 hour

3) Two Functional User Training sessions (Beginner and Advanced) focused on how to use all the features of the tools - 1.5 hours each.

4) Follow Up User Training focused on questions that arise after a couple months of usage - 1-2 hours. 

This page provides more details of each of these activities. 

Users who want to install Design Tools in multiple Canvas sub-accounts and use the ability in Design Tools to maintain customizations in multiple sub-accounts will require our ADVANCED implementation and training package (at additional cost), which includes all the items above plus:

5) A longer install call for installing in multiple sub-accounts (depending on needs). 

6) Admin Training focused on the Secondary Customizations Course(s) - 1 hour

All activities are delivered via Zoom conference and items 2-4, and 6 are recorded for your reference later. 

Notes: 1) There is a one-time fee that covers these services. 2) These services are abbreviated for individual designer license users.