New Features Available in the Content Editor Tools!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Summer (for everyone but our Australian customers)! We hope you're enjoying Design Tools. 

You might have noticed today that we enabled Beta Mode in the Content Editor Tools. You'll see "Turn on Beta" in the bottom right corner of the Content Editor Tools' interface. Click the link to turn on beta mode and give the new features a try. 

The feature we're most excited about is the ability for users to choose between "Basic," "Intermediate," and "Advanced" views of the tools. When new users first use the tools they'll enter in "Basic" mode to help reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by so many capabilities. As they get more comfortable with the tools they can go into "Settings" and pick Intermediate or Advanced modes. Users can also toggle on/off individual features now too, and we'll likely use this ability to selectively release future features. 

You can read about the new features in this Beta Design Tools Overview

Be sure to also read our latest release notes too. 

We plan to promote these new features from beta mode to production the week of August 14th. However, we're open to your feedback if this is not enough time for you to get comfortable with the new interface. So if you have concerns about this plan feel free to submit a support ticket to tell us about it. 

Finally, we're working hard on some new features in the Multi-Tool LTI as well as some performance enhancements to eliminate the occasional random time-out issues we've been experiencing. We'll be looking for some beta testers for this new version of the LTI tool soon, so if you're interested please let us know. 

Thanks for everything!

Mike and Kenneth

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What some really great improvements! The existing table and list style palettes are awesome. I see where you're going with the visual enhancements, even though it means having to relearn what I'm looking at. Will enabling new features be course specific as it is for the beta version? If yes, then the July 1 roll-out isn't too aggressive.

I'm just finishing a How-to-Use Design Tools course for our advanced Canvas teachers using the current version, so thanks for keeping me employed for another year or so!


Amazing!! I love your constant improvement. Truly great stuff!

This is great to have as we onboard our new teachers.

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