New Design Tools for Canvas release schedule and roadmap tool

We have two exciting announcements to make related to our product roadmap. 

First, in an effort to help you better plan for new product changes, we're implementing a new monthly release schedule. We plan on releasing new features, enhancements, and low priority bug fixes in regular releases on the first business day (give or take a day or two) of each month. Urgent bug fixes will still be released when the issue is resolved rather than waiting for the next regular release date. We will announce major new features (like the recent UI change or our new LTI tools) well before the release date so you may prepare for these kinds of changes. The Admin Guide contains more details. 

We plan to make regular use of this Announcements forum, so we encourage all our customers to "watch" this forum so you may be automatically notified when new product announcements are made. 

Second, we are excited to share with you our publicly visible roadmap tool that we've set up using Trello. This gives you some insights into what we're working on and makes it easy to look back to see what features were included in each release. We hope this tool will be useful for keeping up with what we're working on. 

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