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Accessing Design Tools

On Friday we pushed an update to the LTI tools that we announced several weeks ago. A small number of institutions are reporting issues in accessing the tools. This is likely due to a mismatch in your developer key with the one that we moved into our new database related to the new LTI tools. You are welcome to try the fix listed below or we can arrange a quick call to look into this issue with you.


You will need someone who has access to read the developer key at the institution level to verify that everything matches what we have on file. 

  1. Open the Developer Keys portion of your Canvas instance 
  2. Open the Design Tools install form (
  3. Enter both your Canvas domain(s) where Design Tools is installed in the input fields
  4. Click the yellow Change Developer Credentials button
  5. Copy the developer ID from your Canvas instance
  6. Paste it into the Developer ID field
  7. Copy the developer key from your Canvas instance (a really long string of characters)
  8. Paste it into the Developer Key field
  9. Click Authorize Install (you don't need to actually authorize it, that will just trigger the encryption of the ID and Key into the database)
  10. Try opening the LTI tools to see if it resolves the problem

We are here and available to help in whatever way you need and, again, we're more than happy to jump on a call to help figure this out.

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