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Need a pop up link to show the reference/citation

I have read journal articles where one can click on the citation and a pop up with the reference appears.  I tried to do this with the modals feature but I can only link one modal per page.  I definitely need to link more than one citation per page!  

How can I add more modals to a page?


Is there another way I can link the references?



This is not something that can currently be done with Design Tools. In the next month or two I hope to have tooltips and popovers working in Design Tools with multiple modal dialogs coming sometime further down the road. The challenge has always been to figure out how to build these in a way that degrades nicely if you do an ePub export of course content or the content is viewed offline where no CSS and JavaScript is available to transform things. I have recently found a third party plugin that will works nicely with how I have wanted to structure things. Now it is just a matter of finding some time to build out an interface to create and work with those popups. 

I appreciate your example. Would you be willing to send an example of what that would look like? Even linking to or taking a screenshot of one of the journal articles you mentioned would be sufficient. That will give me something to test as I build out the functionality.

Thank you!  Here's an example from an online journal article
Click on the citation:


After clicking the reference "pops up" on the side.



Thanks for sending those. For some reason I can't see the images in the forum but they did come through in the email that the forum sent me so that works just fine. That was roughly what I was envisioning based on your description but I wanted to make sure. This is the type of thing that the tooltips/popovers will allow you to create. I am hoping to have them ready for the May 1st release but that will depend on how April goes.

Thanks again for your feedback and thoughts that help me improve the tools.

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