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Announcement Profile Image Update

We love the addition of the date changer for announcements in multi-tool. We are new to Canvas and are learning all of the things that probably most everyone already knows. One of these issues is that after course copy, announcements show the creator avatar as a large "U" and not the original avatar. I am sure Canvas has good reasons for this, but it is a real bother for our faculty that have pre-built announcements that are part of the course design. The only way (that we have found) to rectify this is to re-create the announcements. Could the announcement tool in multi-tool be configured to update this profile (if nothing else go through and re-create/delete all announcements). I have tried changing dates and other elements to force a reboot. No luck so far. So, I submit this idea and/or if anyone has a work-around for the issue. Thanks, Kevin.

I looked at the API as well and found the same same amount of nothing as you. Thanks for looking into the possibilities. 

Strangely enough I had someone email me yesterday with this same question. I did some digging through the Canvas API and there is not a way to claim/change ownership of an announcement.

That being said, I can look into the possibilities of triggering the process of duplicating an announcement and then deleting the old one. Not sure when this feature would be available but I will add it to the list.

Thanks for sharing the idea. 

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