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Hide Canvas Navigation

I see the navigation is being hidden in the upcoming release, but it would great if we could hide the navigation for the users and just user Design Tools built navigation. This would allow us to direct the path of the user better for specific learning goals, and less clutter on the page.

It looks like this auto-collapse Canvas navigation on page-load feature (which is great) is no longer working within Firefox, but is still working within Chrome. Did Canvas roll out any updates that would affect it? As of the middle of last week, it was still working fine in Firefox, from what I recall.

It sometimes works on Chrome, about 25% of the time it won't collapse the navigation, but it will on a refresh of the page. Does this have something to do with the new way Canvas loads Javascript that was mentioned int he Slack channel?

It is possible that the Canvas JavaScript update could be coming into play but that was almost a month ago. One thing to keep in mind is that Canvas will not run the JavaScript until everything on the page has loaded, which can seem like an eternity if you have a lot of video or other content. I refreshed the Hidden Gems page where I have that feature turned on over 30 times in both Chrome and Firefox and it triggered every time in Chrome and only missed twice in Firefox. This was all on a Mac so it might be a different story on a PC. I will try to play with a PC tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know. If you want to send me the HTML of the pages you are running, I can try and see if there is something else in the content that might interfere.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the suggestion. I can understand the desire to hide the Canvas navigation, however, I try to avoid tampering with Canvas outside of the user created content due to how many things can go wrong when we start doing that. I have made tweaks outside the user content in the past as part of my role at USU and there are a lot of little changes that Canvas makes in the background that can break this type of additional tweak. I do love that Canvas has added the ability to collapse the course navigation. What I might be able to add would be some code that will trigger that control to hide the course navigation when the page loads.

That would be a great option to have. Especially since the Cidi Labs navigation looks so nice in comparison.

Alright, I have written some code that will look for an element with the class "kl_collapse_course_nav", if it exists, it will trigger the toggle to hide the course navigation. The code will go through additional testing and should make its way into the September release. I don't know when or where it will get a control in the sidebar but the code to hide it will be available in September so you can manually add that class to any element to take advantage of that functionality. Thanks again for the suggestion.

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