Issue today with tabbed and accordion content fixed

Today we had an issue with broken accordions and tabs reported by several institutions that you might have noticed too:

What was impacted?
This issue broke accordions and tabs with embedded content and also popup content.

We were able to track down the issue and have pushed out an update. Please check some of your pages and make sure everything is working again.

What happened?
As far as we can tell, Canvas changed when they load custom JavaScript until after the content has loaded.

Why was that a problem?
We had a few places in our code that wait for notification from the browser that the content is loaded to run (this was primarily to account for some issues we have encountered with embedded LTI content from a few external content providers). Because Canvas isn’t loading the JavaScript until after all content has loaded, that means our code never receives the message from the browser that the content has loaded.

Thank you so much for notifying us of the issue so that we were able to track it down and fix it. We feel very fortunate to have such a great user base who are always willing to help us improve the tools.

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