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Option to show module completion status in the module list

I would like an option to display the completion status of a module as part of the Module List so that users can see at a glance from that module list which modules have been completed (all requirements met) and which still need to be completed.

Hi Monica,

Thanks for the suggestion. We love it when our users share their ideas. Are you talking about just the basic list of links?

When it comes to the Quick Links, the Module List will already show any items with a completion requirement and whether or not that requirement has been met.

If you are using the All Quick Links option with the Module List (the one that builds out the tabs), a check mark will appear in the tab for any modules that have been completed.

I am also working on an update to improve the screen-reader experience for the module details and I am working to make sure the module details are updated to include any other information that I may find missing along the way.

I meant when you have the module list without the quick links.



That makes sense. I will add that to the list of future developments. It will probably start out as a Hidden Gem where I will create an additional CSS class that can be added to the Module List to bring in that functionality and then I will plan to incorporate a user interface option for it in the next generation of the tools.

Monica, this functionality is now available. I have added instructions of how to do this on the Hidden Gems page (see theĀ Basic Module List, Mark Complete panel). Take a look and let me know if you have any questions.

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