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Module Progress not showing student advancement

I have several modules with lots of short pages/assignments/quizzes. To help the students quickly find out where they are in a module, I added a Module Progress bar to the first page in the module (which I've called Module Overview).

The bar is in the course page, shows all the pages/activities/quizzes. However, as students move through the module, their progress doesn't show up on that bar.  Is it okay to just post the Module Progress bar in one location? Is there a setting I'm missing?  I really want this feature to work for my students. 


Hi Jennifer,

The primary function of the progress bars is to show a user where the current item falls in the structure of a module, not everywhere that they have been. They are added to the content of each item in the module so that students get an idea of how far they have come and how much they have left to get through.

Here are the descriptions of the different progress bars from the Add Module Progress Indicators page in the DesignPLUS User Guide.

Basic Progress Bar
This variation provides a basic progress bar that shows the name of the current module and a visual representation of where the current item is inside that module. 
Icon Progress Bar/Navigation
This variation also provides a visual representation of where the current item is within a module. In addition, this variation adds linked icons for each item within the module.
Module Item Details
Module detail list similar to what is displayed on the modules page in Canvas including links to items, point values, completion requirements, prerequisites, etc.
Module Item Completion
While this will highlight the current item in the list, this progress bar is based on whether or not a student has completed the items in the module based on the requirements you set for module item in Canvas.

The Basic Progress Bar and the Icon Progress Bar/Navigation (the one from your screenshot) are designed to show you where the current item is inside the navigation. You would add these to each piece of content and it shows progress based on where the student current is, not on where they have been. With it only added on one page, they will only ever see where that one page is in the module.

If you are wanting to add a progress bar to one page where students can see what they have completed, you can use the Module Item Details or the Module Item Completion. In addition to identifying where the current item that is being viewed falls in the module structure, these two bars will also show students what they have completed or what still needs to be completed (based on the completion requirements you set for those modules in Canvas).

Let us know if you have additional questions

Ok great. Now I understand Basic Progress Bar, Icon Progress Bar/Navigation (and I don't want to used the Module Item Details... too lengthy)

My goal is to have one location (page) where students can go after they login to see where they are in the module.

So, based on what you said, if I put the Module Item Completion in only my overview page, will that accomplish the goal, or would it need to go in every page throughout the module and act more as a "marker"?    (I tried putting this in a colleague's course and it didn't seem to produce the effect I was going for)

OR  If there is a better/different way to accomplish what I am trying to do, please advise. 

Thanks again for your help!

Note: If worse comes to worse, I can use the feature in Canvas where I add a Module Requirement to make students move in sequential order. But am still hoping there is another solution out there.

You could add the Module Item Completion or the Module Item Details to your overview page to show them what they have completed, but they are based on the requirements that you have set for completing each item in Canvas (see How do I add requirements to a module? in the Canvas community to find out more about setting requirements).

If you are adding module completion requirements, I personally recommend using the Module List on your home page and turn on All Quick Links to give students a central landing area where they can see all of there modules and know what they have completed and what they have left to complete. 

Without using module completion requirements, there is not a reliable way to show students what they have completed and what they have left to complete.

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Ok Thanks so much!

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