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Use This Module as a New Module Pattern

Hi! Would love to see a "Use this Module as a New Module Pattern" option. We have a standard template and if that could be imported into the New Module Pattern field with the click of a button (instead of rebuilding it), that would be great!

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I have explored that possibility many times but there are limitations in Canvas for which I haven't been able to find a good work around. The best way to do that would be to share your module to Canvas Commons where teachers can pull it in. Once it is in the course, Canvas has built in functionality to duplicate a module. The challenge for us to build something like that is that you would have to add every teacher to your template course so that Canvas would allow us to copy the module using the API. Once a module is in the course, I have some thoughts on how I might be able to pull that into the module builder but, once again, there are some API endpoints missing from the documentation for it to work nicely. I am working with Canvas to get a couple of those added and then I can look into using a module in the current course as a pattern for future modules.

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