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Page heading structure

In going through the Cidi labs design course and thinking about our own course template, it looks like the banner is set up so that it replaces the Canvas page title. Here is an example:

However, when digging into the code, I see that the page title is an H1, but the banner is an H2. Does it go against any sort of accessibility rules to have the H1 and the first H2 on a page match? In my own research on headings, it seems to be that the H2 should be a subheading of the page title. Just curious if anyone else has thought about this issue.


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We do not actually remove the Canvas H1 title, we hide it from all but screen readers so that it still maintains that appropriate heading structure. When the tools were originally created, pages did not have a default Canvas title and the level 1 heading was something different on the Canvas page. With the next generation of the tools that I am currently building, I will give the option to set a level 1 heading and I will actually remove the Canvas H1 instead of just hiding it.

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Thanks Kenneth! Even if the H1 is still there and the H2 matches it, is that still a correct way to structure the headings or should the H2 be unique?

Do you know when the next generation will come out? That's very exciting!

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Ideally, yes, you would want those to be different. However, since we can't really control or style the H1 in Canvas, we opt for the potentially redundant but correct structure over the unique but incorrect structure.

We do not have an exact timeline at the moment. COVID has had a way of shooting down the best laid plans even for something like this. The hope is to have some initial Beta testing going on next Spring but the next few months will determine if that will be possible.

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