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Module List feature under "Advanced Features" request

Would it be possible to have the "Show Dates" affect the Display of a Module on the Home Page so that the Module(s) would disappear from the Home Page when the end date is reached.  So that the Module list would be automatically undated to correspond to the dates entered to the Show Dates fields.

Currently I have to go in each week and remove last weeks module and make the coming week's module current.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on an additional variation on the module list. I will add that to the list of things I want to do with the next generation. The idea with the dates in the Module List was to let students know where they should be but not prevent them from easily reviewing information that they have already completed or looking ahead in the course. Setting a data range will bold the current module in the list so students can quickly identify where they should be. Seeing all of the modules with the current one highlighted gives them a sense of progress through the course rather than just a view of the current module.


The basic example is to just include links where the date range bolds the current module:

The addition of Quick Links for the current module will also give students easy access to the items in the current module (based on the date range):

My personal favorite is using the date range in connection with all Quick Links to transform the list of module links into tabs. The active tab is set based on the date ranges but students can still look back at what they might have missed or need to review in the module(s) before or look ahead to get an idea of what is coming in the future.

I will look into adding an additional option to the next generation of the tools that would remove inactive modules from the list so only the current module is visible.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on ways to improve the tools!

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Hi Ken,

Thanks for getting back to me on this and thank you for considering my request.

I, like you, feel that your third option is a good stop gap measure.  Here is my options:


Here is what I get:


Hi Ken, did my comment come through?

Strangely, I got an email but it wasn't showing up in this thread so I replied to the email instead. I will summarize here as well:

The visibility button (eye icon) determines what modules are added to the list. In your screenshot, only one is on which is why you only have one in your list.

The checkmark and the date fields are two different ways to flag what the current module is. If you set a date range for each module, you do not have to manually check that module.

For example, the settings for the tabbed example I included above looks like this:

Hi Ken, can't seem to get the one line list of "Tabs" with the shortened weekly titles.  I get two columns with long titles. 

Hi Paul, that screencast link didn't work but let me see if I can help even without seeing it. All you need to do for it to create tabs is to select All in the Include Quick Links section. That being said, you will only see that transformation when you have saved the page. This is because we can only provide that tabbed information in the browser version of Canvas. In the mobile app, students will see the list of links (with the current module bolded) and then they will click on the link to see the list of items in that module.

Let me know if you have additional questions

Hi Ken,

Not sure why you are not seeing my Screenshots.  The last one I sent as a URL link.   Perhaps you have a security setting that prevents viewing?

If you are available, I can send you my Personal Zoom Link and I can Share my screen?

Hi Paul,

I get links for screencast recordings quite often so it shouldn't be a security setting. redirected me to a Page Not Found screen.

I am happy to jump on a Zoom call. I am open for the next 45 minutes (until 1:00 MST) or after 2:00 MST. You can email the link to

Thanks for the Help Ken, much appreciated.

Happy to help

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