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Button rollover color?


I realize this is a basic question but it has been eluding me all the same.  How to I select the rollover color of a button (specifically, in a navigation block) to change the color of the button when the cursor is rolled over, or "hovering"?  What is it called, and where is that selection point in the color palette area?  Thank you! 

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Hi Eric,

It's actually not as basic as you might think. See the following knowledge base article for more information:

Is it possible to change active, focus, or hover color with Design Tools?

Best wishes,



The ability to change the hover color within a navigation block is very important. One can create work-arounds, but then that substantially limits the utility of the feature.

Example attached.

I am working on a 10-year, major project with an external partner and custom branding is required. There will be 40+ courses and a lot of content. The color palette of the partner and my institution differ drastically.

I'm investigating the Cidi Labs Design Tools' interaction with the Canvas Themes Editor, but this navigation block issue is the biggest problem. I have designed some simple web sites with CSS, just enough to know I will probably not want to use custom, course level CSS option for this purpose.

I wish Design Tool offered an easy way to style the hover state of the navigation block. 

Thanks for making such great tools, though. I really love them.















Hi Sue,

While any hover effects have to be set using a CSS stylesheet. In the next version of the Design Tools sidebar (which we will begin rolling out in hopefully the first half of next year), you will have some options to choose from that do not require you to write your own CSS. This will include the institutional primary, secondary and accent color, grey, and white. Anything beyond that would require you to write your own CSS but the next version will provide some ways of making even your custom CSS easier to implement. You can keep on eye on the Next Generation Design Tools Sidebar Progress page if you want to stay up to date on when that release will happen.

Thanks, Kenneth! 

I will keep an eye on that and know there is continuous work on the Design Tools.


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