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More than 4 items on Navigation Blocks

Is it possible to get more than 4 items in a row for the navigation blocks? Currently, it doesn't appear to let me do more than 4 and the 5th item is then pushed to the 2nd row. Is this something that has to be done through HTML?

While it is possible to go into the HTML and add additional items, you will want to be very careful with this as they would need to be really short in order to be readable on all of the different screen sizes that your users may be using. Here is an example of what that can look like before it splits the list into 2 columns to maximize screen real estate. Note how "More Resources" is only partially visible. That is why it creates a new row when there are more than 4 items.

Some of that was due to limited browser support for better styling options when those themes were developed. The next generation of the Design Tools sidebar is designed to provide additional flexibility with this type of navigation. We do not have a set date for when that next generation will be released because it is more important to us that it be done right than that it be done fast.

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Hello Kenneth!

Thanks very much for your response. It makes perfect sense. Appreciate the example of how link names can get cut off if they are too long if we did add additional items in the HTML. 

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