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So I'm not sure if Canvas made this change and Design Tools hasn't caught up yet, if this is a Design Tools issue, or what,  but as you can see from the screenshot below, we have a floating download icon on the home page of our courses. When I hover over the icon, "Syllabus" rolls out as it should and the icon is still there.  Is this something that CidiLabs can update as far as the navigation template goes? 

The other links do not have that issue because they link to a page or external website.


Hi Mark,

That is something that Canvas automatically adds and we have tried to account for it as best we can. Canvas creates it outside of the link so it can't be effected by the CSS that slides the link text out.

What would you have us do with that icon?

Hi Kenneth,

Is there a way to not have the icon show up at all?  When not hovering over that slide out, the icon is still there, looking like it's floating out there and it's right on the box outline so it interrupts that as well. 

We tend to avoid stripping out UI pieces that Canvas adds like the external link indicators and the download indicators as they perform a specific function and have a specific meaning in the context of Canvas.

That being said, you can remove the classes that Canvas adds to file links and it will stop Canvas from adding that icon but it also changes the behavior of the link a bit.

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Thanks.   I'm not a css expert, so do you have any idea of how to go about that so I can test it to see how it changes link behavior?

One of the easiest was is to use the HTML Attributes Tool. When you select a file link, you will see three different classes that get added by Canvas (separated by spaces):

instructure_file_link instructure_scribd_file inline_disabled

Using the HTML Attributes Tool you can test removing one or more of those classes and save the page to see what changes.

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