Hi All,

Please be aware:  there is currently a bug in Canvas where the mobile app CSS and JS files are loaded into discussions in the browser twice for every discussion post. This means that the more discussion responses there are, the greater lag discussion participants encounter making participating in those discussions exceedingly painful. We (plus Utah State and other Design Tools schools) have reported this to Canvas and they are working on a solution. 

In the meantime, we have rewritten the file that gets uploaded to the Mobile app JavaScript file portion of the Canvas theme editor. The new version prevents the code from running if it is loaded into the non-mobile Canvas instance. We have also added in code to some of the other Design Tools files that will remove the mobile app CSS that is being loaded into discussions as long as the Mobile app CSS file ends with ‘_app.css’.

Doing the following 2 things will provide some relief while we wait for Canvas to resolve the issue. 

  1. Replace the current Mobile App JavaScript file in your Canvas theme with the attached .js file ("DT v2 - canvas_global_app.js")
  2. Ensure that the mobile app CSS file you're using in your Canvas theme ends with '_app.css'. 


For any institutions experiencing this issue, Canvas caches the mobile app files that they are loading somehow so it can take a full day before the new file kicks in.

For a refresher on how to update your mobile app .js and .css files in Canvas please review our last support notice

Please contact us if you have questions as to how to proceed.