Question:  We currently use Version 2 (open source version) of Design Tools in Canvas. If we upgrade to Version 3 (SaaS version provided by Cidi Labs) do we lose any of the styling that we created using the open source version?

Answer:  Version 3 was developed to be backwards compatible with version 2. There are some differences between version 2 and version 3 however, and whether you lose the styling depends.


With Version 3 (SaaS version), almost all of the JavaScript and CSS is hosted on Cidi Labs AWS server. You add in some JavaScript to your global JS file in Canvas as well as load the color customizations for the themes into your global CSS file. If you migrate from version 2, you will also be responsible for hosting all of the CSS associated with version 2. The JavaScript for version 2 is included along with the JavaScript for version 3. This allows all content created using version 2 to function as it has without any changes needed. When version 2 content is edited and the tools are launched, the tools will go through the page content and update any relevant pieces to work with version 3.

There are a few themes that were available in version 2 that have not yet been added in version 3. Pages relying on these themes may lose their styling.