Question:  What happens to our Canvas courses and pages that we build using your tool and for some reason decide to cancel our subscription?

Answer:  First of all, the content you develop with Design Tools is yours. Everything created with the tools is stored as HTML in Canvas, so Design Tools doesn't actually impact where the content resides and who owns it. 

That being said, If you were to stop using the Design Tools SaaS service, the content you created with the tools would no longer benefit from the maintained CSS and JavaScript that is served up from Cidi Labs' servers that enables much of the styling and interactivity of the content. Upon discontinuing the Design Tools service our procedure is to give you a snapshot of the CSS from the Cidi Labs servers that you can host on your own to preserve the CSS styling of any content developed with the tools. Please note that this is an unsupported or maintained snapshot that you will have to maintain on your own. However, any JavaScript enabled elements (tabs, accordions, etc.) used on pages will cease to work (click here for a full list). Though even those elements consist of well-structured HTML, so you'll still see the content in a structured way. You lose the ability to build and edit with the tools and will also lose the ability to see the styles in the rich content editor.