When an instructor goes to embed an image, there is a button that allows them to "upload and embed," but when students try and do that it just says "upload" and there is no embed option. Why is this? 


This is something that we would like to have work differently, however the short answer is that the method used to embed the images into the Canvas rich text editor will not work for students.

When students use the embed tool, the image is uploaded to their user files in Canvas (because they do not have permission to add to the course files). However, to display images from a user's files, Canvas requires an authorization code. Unfortunately, something in the way that Canvas processes images uploaded through LTI tools removes that authorization code. So for that student the image embeds and displays just fine, but it does not show up for any other users. We hope to get Canvas to fix this issue, but until then, the upload/embed image tool can be used by students to crop, resize and upload the image but then they have to use the default Canvas tools to actually embed it into the page content. 

Once a student has uploaded an image, they are given the following instructions to help them embed the image: