First, please read the brief technical overview for more context. 

DesignPlus installation is part of our implementation and training services. Installation is completed via a one hour (or less) video call with your Canvas administrator and a member of our installation team.

As for installing Design Tools more specifically; first, we ask that you to fill out the installation questionnaire

Next, we activate your Canvas domain on our side. Then we provide an installation tool that your Canvas admin will use to walk through the installation process (with our guidance on a video call). 

You'll create a developer key in Canvas and determine the account / sub-account to target, then the tool: 

  1. installs the two LTI tools (Multi-tool and Upload/Embed Image tool);
  2. imports a Customizations Course into your account (this course houses all your institution/sub-account-specific customizations for the tools);
  3. generates the CSS you'll need to add to your Canvas custom CSS files; and
  4. generates the Javascript you'll need to add to your Canvas custom JS files. Once you update your custom CSS and JS files in your Canvas theme using the Canvas Theme Editor it'll all be ready to go.