This message is due to high traffic on the Canvas servers.

Here is how the upload process works:

  1. The image is uploaded to the Cidi Labs server
  2. A request is sent to Canvas to add the image to the course
  3. Canvas adds the request to a processing queue (this is where the problem lies)
  4. The Upload/Embed Image tool pings Canvas every few seconds to see if the image has been processed yet
  5. When Canvas returns that the image has been processed, it is embedded into the editor (if you selected that option)

This process typically takes a few seconds but it has taken over ten minutes depending on how much traffic the Canvas servers are experiencing. We often see an increase in this message at the beginning and end of the semester for many institutions. Once the image has been sent to Canvas, it should still be added to the course files once Canvas processes the request even after leaving the tool.

If the image does not appear in the “images” folder in your course files within a few hours, let us know and we can look into it.