UPDATE: A fix has been pushed to correct this bug. If you experience this issue in the future, please submit a support ticket.

While launching the Multi-Tool's Due Date Modifier, a small percentage of users are reporting a bug that prohibits them from updating due dates. This bug has been difficult to trouble shoot due to it seemingly popping up for random users in random courses at a handful of institutions. Another admin can run the tool in the same course and not experience the issue. The same person experiencing the bug can go to a different course and have the tool work just fine.

While working with users to trouble shoot this issue, we've come across a couple work arounds until we can get this issue fixed.

  • The tool is getting hung up after an assignment, discussion, or quiz. Temporarily adding an additional character to the piece of content immediately proceeding the assignment, discussion, or quiz generating the bug has corrected the issue in the majority of courses. Once you've edited your due dates, you can return to the original content name.
  • If there is more than one admin in the course, go to people, act as another admin, run the tool, and stop acting as user, return to your own instance of the Due Date Modifier and the issue is generally resolved.