Since we have had a handful of customers reach out to us about Canvas' change to their RCE, we wanted to give all of our customers an update.

The tools have been updated and are working fine with the new RCE. They were updated the day Canvas announced the new RCE was available in Beta. 

We did discover an issue with the Upload/Embed Image tool in the new RCE. The image is successfully uploaded to Canvas but when the request is sent back to Canvas to embed the image, it doesn’t end up at the cursor position. This is an issue with how Canvas is handling the embed request so we will have to work with them and see what needs to happen for that to be fixed but we will have that up and running before they force a switch over. Until then, you can either continue to use the old RCE or cut and paste the embedded image to where you really wanted it to go.

We will continue to adjust functionality if anything else comes up.

If you have access to a Cidi Labs sandbox, you are welcome to turn on the new RCE in the course settings if you want to play with the new functionality.