When DesignPLUS was installed into your Canvas instance, a Design Tools Primary Customizations course was created. It is in this course that all institutionally customizable content resides.

If faculty, designers, or other staff members are not seeing elements created for them in your Customizations course it is typically one of the following:

  1. Customization course is unpublished.
  2. Customization course visibility is set to "Course".
    • This can be found in the course settings and should be set to "Institution" or "Public".
    • There was an instance where the visibility was set to "Public" but it still wasn't allowing access. Switching to one of the other visibility settings and then back to "Public" resolved the issue.
  3. "Pages" has been hidden from Canvas' left-hand navigation
    • This is configured under the Navigation tab in the course settings

  4. Page, where the content is housed, is not published
    • This can be verified at the page level or module level in that course
  5. User's course is housed in a sub-account other than the one the Customizations course is housed
    • This applies to institutions where the tools are not set up at the root account level
    • If the templates are housed in an Extended Customizations Course, they are only available to courses within the sub-account in which the Extended Customizations course is housed.

       6. The course ID set in the Canvas theme's JavaScript file is incorrect.

  • Sometimes, the Customizations course is reset or duplicated, causing the course ID to change and thereby causing a discrepancy between the old ID in the JS file and the new ID.
  • To resolve this issue, follow the instructions in this article to access and edit the JavaScript file for your theme and edit the 'templateCourse' variable to match the course ID of your Customizations course.