Another fix was pushed to production around 5:00 PM MST on 12/8/21.

The code has been updated to account for icons in a newly pulled-in template.


A fix was pushed to production around 4:30 PM MST on 12/8/21. 

While everything is working fairly well, we have noticed that Canvas continues to strip out icons from a newly pulled-in template but is working with existing content. Adding new icons/blocks seems to be working fine. Once our development team has templates working, we will push another update. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through this issue.

Additional information about the update will be added to the January release notes.


In an apparent attempt to deprecate the use of <i> tags for italic emphasis, Canvas has recently updated the discussion/announcement editor with a function that does two things upon saving:

  1. Removes all empty <i> tags.
  2. Converts remaining <i> tags to <em> tags.

This is causing problems with icons, which also use the <i> tags.  The CSS from Design Tools does not style <em> elements, so the icon style you see in the editor (where the <i> tag is present) does not match the style you see in the saved page (where the <i> tag has been replaced with <em> tags).  

Also, any icons without content between <i> tags are being removed entirely after saving the page.  For a quick fix, you can preserve these icons by placing the empty space characters &nbsp; between the <i> tags (e.g. <i class="fa fa-book">&nbsp;</i>).

It's important to note that the removal or conversion of <i> tags is only happening when a user clicks Save in the discussion editor.  This means all previously saved icons are displaying properly, but will break if the discussion is edited and saved.  All new icons added will also have display issues until a resolution is reached.

Cidi Labs' development team is working on a fix for this issue discovered on 12/6/2021.  We will update this article when a resolution has been found.