In order to change the optional tool limits for DesignPLUS, you'll need to edit the JavaScript file in the Canvas theme.  To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. In your Canvas admin view, click on Themes in the menu.
  2. Select the current theme.
  3. Go to the Upload tab in the top left of the screen.
  4. Find the JavaScript file and download it by right clicking the View File link and choosing Save Link As...
  5. Open the JavaScript file with any code editing software you like.  For very basic users, use Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac).
  6. Update the options in the file that you want to change.  See code sample below for options.
  7. After you're done editing, save the file.
  8. Return to the Canvas theme and next to the JavaScript file, click on the Select button, find your updated .js file, and upload it.
    1. NOTE: You do not need to update the Mobile app JavaScript file.
  9. Click on the Save Theme button in the bottom right corner, then click on the Apply Theme button in the bottom left.

Below is what a typical Design Tools configuration looks like.  The highlighted areas show where you can set the value to either true or false.  A true value will limit the tools, a false value will not.

// DESIGN TOOLS CONFIG                            //
// Copyright (C) 2017  Utah State University
var DT_variables = {
        iframeID: '',
        // Path to the hosted USU Design Tools
        path: '',
        templateCourse: '6786',
        // OPTIONAL: Button will be hidden from view until launched using shortcut keys
        hideButton: false,
         // OPTIONAL: Limit by course format
         limitByFormat: false, // Change to true to limit by format
         // adjust the formats as needed. Format must be set for the course and in this array for tools to load
         formatArray: [
        // OPTIONAL: Limit tools loading by users role
        limitByRole: false, // set to true to limit to roles in the roleArray
        // adjust roles as needed
        roleArray: [
        // OPTIONAL: Limit tools to an array of Canvas user IDs
        limitByUser: false, // Change to true to limit by user
        // add users to array (Canvas user ID not SIS user ID)
        userArray: [
        // OPTIONAL: Transform people page in a course to show student cards
        showStudentCards: true,

// Run the necessary code when a page loads
$(document).ready(function () {
    'use strict';
    // This runs code that looks at each page and determines what controls to create
    $.getScript(DT_variables.path + 'js/master_controls.js', function () {
        console.log('master_controls.js loaded');
// END DESIGN TOOLS CONFIG                        //