When submitting a ticket to Cidi Labs support, there are several helpful pieces of information that you can include to help us troubleshoot effectively. Because we do not have access to your Canvas instance, we may ask that you provide some or all of the following information:  

  1. HTML for the page where you are experiencing the issue. To learn how to retrieve the HTML for a page, please visit the article How do I send the HTML from a Canvas page to Cidi Labs support?
  2. Screenshots or a screen capture of the issue. Free tools for screen capturing include Skitch, Snagit, and even QuickTime.
  3. Browser and operating system (e.g. Google Chrome on Mac OS Monterey).
  4. Whether any colleagues are experiencing the same issue. This helps us assess whether the issue is specific to your machine or if the issue is a symptom of a more widespread problem.
  5. Whether the issue is related to DesignPLUS code. If you suspect that the issue is related to custom CSS or JavaScript created by using DesignPLUS, you can check by following the steps in the article How can I rule out if the Design Tools code is causing an issue on my page?

Typically, the first four items in the list above provide plenty of information for us to assess and resolve any issues you are experiencing.