The DesignPLUS suite has two LTI tools: the Multi-Tool and the Upload / Embed Image (UEI). Cidi Labs is currently working on upgrading these tools from LTI 1.1 to the newer LTI 1.3 (LTI Advantage) specification.

When will the LTI 1.3 version of MultiTool and UEI be available?

LTI 1.3 has been implemented for both tools and we are now in the process of testing and verifying that it passes all IMS Global tests for LTI 1.3 certification. Both versions will be available for production before the end of 2022.

Can we test the new LTI 1.3 versions of MultiTool and UEI before the full release?

Yes, please contact Cidi Labs support and we will help set up the LTI 1.3 tool in your Canvas instance. 

Can we have both LTI 1.1 and LTI 1.3 installed at the same time? How does that work?

We will create a new LTI Developer Key for each tool. You can then use that LTI developer key to install the tool in any sub-account or course for testing.

Installing the LTI 1.3 version of the tool will not affect the LTI 1.1 version's ability to function. And as you create the LTI 1.3 version you can name it as appropriate to keep the two tools separate.

Are there installation instructions for an institution to install the tools themselves?

We are working on these instructions and will include those in this article once they are ready.

Is the functionality of the LTI 1.3 version any different from the LTI 1.1 version?

No, the functionality of both versions is exactly the same. The only difference is how the tool gets authenticated, so documentation for students/faculty will not need to change.