Many DesignPLUS elements require a design tools wrapper on the page in order to display properly.  When you start building your page with a Design Tools theme or block, the Design Tools Wrapper is added automatically.  However, if you added elements without a theme or block, the wrapper will be missing and the element may not display properly.

In order to add a design tools wrapper, you can either 1.) add a theme and block or 2.) add the wrapper to the page manually.

Method 1: Use Theme and Block

  1. In the Design Tools sidebar, go to Create/Edit Content>>Choose a Theme and select a theme from the list.  For plain styling, choose "Generic".  Notice that when you select a theme, it creates a heading inside a Design Tools Wrapper in your editor.
  2. Next, click the +Add Content Blocks button in the sidebar to launch the Add Blocks modal.*
  3. In the Create New Content Block text entry field, you can enter a heading for the content.  If a heading is not needed, you can leave the text entry field blank.
  4. Click the green add button to the right.  This will place a new content block in the editor inside the Design Tools Wrapper.
  5. Highlight the existing content that is outside the wrapper and cut it with Ctrl+X or Command+X.
  6. Place your cursor inside the new content block and paste the content with Ctrl+V or Command+V.

*Alternatively, you could highlight the existing content and use the Selection to Block tool instead.

Method 2: Manually Add Design Tools Wrapper to the HTML

If you're comfortable updating the HTML manually, switch the editor to HTML mode and add this code to line 1 at the very top of your HTML: 
<div id="kl_wrapper_3">
Then, at the very bottom of your HTML, add this code:
The columns will work when the <div> element wraps the content.  Here is a model of what that looks like:
<div id="kl_wrapper_3">