Why are headers I created with DesignPLUS showing as errors in UDOIT?

"Avoid Color Alone for Emphasis" is a known point of contention between UDOIT and DesignPLUS. The next UDOIT release will resolve the issue.

Using color alone for emphasis is included as a UDOIT error due to if you just usered to emphasize text in a paragraph, students who have trouble seeing color may not catch the word. In this case, you would want to also bold or italicize the text so that everyone can catch it.

When working with heading styles in DesignPLUS that use color, this error also comes up. In this case, we recommend that the issue be marked as manually resolved. The difference is that in DesignPLUS, the text is also wrapped in a header tag which already brings emphasis.In some cases, you may want to highlight RCE text for emphasis. If applicable, we recommend adding a header but if it's within a paragraph, you should consider bolding or italicizing the text.