Training and Implementation Packages for Design Tools

Note: This article is relevant to the legacy DesignPLUS Sidebar installed before July 2023. If your institution installed or updated the DesignPLUS Sidebar after July 2023, please check the New Sidebar Guides and the New Sidebar FAQ.

For Training and Implementation for the New Sidebar, see the Article: What does the DesignPLUS installation, implementation, and training process look like?

The standard implementation and training package that is purchased with DesignPLUS includes installation as well as a series of training sessions designed to ensure your institution can use the tools to their maximum potential. Training sessions are offered on a regular, pre-scheduled basis so participants can sign up for sessions offered at times that work best for them.  All training sessions are delivered via Zoom conference and are recorded for your reference later.  

Below is an overview of the various DesignPLUS implementation and training activities included in the standard package: 



Who Attends


(60 minutes)

A video call with a member of our technical team who will provide an installation tool that your Canvas admin will use to walk through the installation process with our guidance. 

Canvas Administrator

Core Training

Part 1

(90 minutes)

This first training provides a brief overview and introduction to DesignPLUS during which we will:

  • Use the basic tools to build and organize content

  • Style images, links, tables and lists

  • Build out templates, course shells and bulk edit due dates

  • Introduce DesignPLUS support resources

Instructional Designers and other Power Users 

Core Training

Part 2

(60 minutes)

This session is a continuation of Part 1 in which we will explore additional capabilities of the basic tools, including:

  • Our 3 accessibility tools

  • Syllabus tools

  • Styling iFrames

  • Styling existing content

The session concludes with a Q&A period to ensure the basic tools are mastered.

Instructional Designers and other Power Users 

Intermediate Training 

(120 minutes)

This session digs into the intermediate level of the DesignPLUS tool box, by working with things like:

  • Colors

  • Accordions, tabs, and expanders

  • Modules lists and progress bars

Instructional Designers and other Power Users 

Advanced Training 

(60 minutes)

In this session, we introduce some advanced tools that will help you fine tune your Canvas content. Many of these tools are geared toward those who have some knowledge and experience working with HTML and CSS. Topics covered include:

  • Popup content

  • Advanced styling

  • Custom CSS

  • Advanced HTML Editor

  • Hidden Gems

Time will be allotted for Q&A.  

Instructional Designers and other Power Users 

Institutional Customization Training

(60 minutes)

This session is for those who will be maintaining DesignPLUS customizations at the account level.

DesignPLUS Admins and Lead Instructional Designers

Optional Q&A Session

(60 minutes)

This optional session can be used for Q&A down the road or a variety of other custom training activities for an institution.

Varies, based on need

Optional Advanced Configuration Training 

(60 minutes)

This session is for those who want to install DesignPLUS in multiple Canvas sub-accounts and use the ability in DesignPLUS to maintain customizations in multiple sub-accounts with the Extended Customizations Course(s).  Read about Extended Customizations Course(s) here.

DesignPLUS Admins and Lead Instructional Designers

More details on what is covered in each training session can be seen here.  

Private Training Package

As an alternative to the Standard Training Package, we offer a Private Training Package for institutions that wish to have the training dedicated to their organization only and delivered on a custom schedule.